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Antonina Rostovskaya is a Russian composer, Laureate of Russian contest, member of the Lithuanian Composers Union, Lithuanian art worker.


Antonina was born in 1979 in Vilnius. In 1996 she graduated from music school № 26 in St. Petersburg, Lyceum of  Okhta Center for Humanitarian and Aesthetic Education (composition teacher Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, member of the St. Petersburg Composers Union, winner of the Russian Contest of Composers of the 21st Century Choral Laboratory N. Karsh). From 1996 to 2005, she attended the seminar of composers at the House of Composers (Professor V.N.Sokolov). In 2000 she graduated with honors from musical college named after M. Mussorgsky (Faculty of Theory and Composition.) In 2004 A. Rostovskaya graduated from Faculty of Composition of St. Petersburg State Conservatory (class of Professor J.A. Falik). In 2000 she graduated from advanced trainings in "Computer technology in art and media" in the field of "Music Informatics” (Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation).
Since 2004 she worked in the children's choir Studio “Iskra" as a teacher of composition and accompanist, since 2007 – as a teacher of radio journalism.
Since 2004 – presently, works as an editor in the Editorial Office of the artistic programs of radio "Petersburg" and also as leader of the music and information channel "Polden’" (“Noon”). Over the years of work on the radio, A. Rostovskaya has created her own original programs: “Ornament”, “Children's Time”, “Etudes about the Great ones”.

From 2011 - presently, correspondent of the newspaper "Musical Bulletin".From 2005 - to 2016 - correspondent of the newspaper "Evening Petersburg", the publication "Art lovers Journal. " Since 2018, the correspondent of the Internet publication "Evening St. Petersburg".

Since 2011 PR manager of academic musicians, PR manager of Yaani Kirik Concert Hall, PR manager of Russian Cinema Orchestra conducted by Igor Ponomarenko. Since 2012 - Member of the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Among the compositions of A.Rostovskaya there are music for theatrical productions, music for radio performances, chamber vocal and instrumental music, choral music, compositions for orchestra, secular and sacred music. The composer writes music for children's audience  (a collection of songs for children called “The Village was driving...” for choir with accompaniment, performance “Green Ray”, etc.) and for adults (music for radio programs based on short stories by A. Chekhov, M E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, V. Dragunsky, cycle “Plaints”, verses by A. S. Pushkin for choir and ensemble of folk instruments, plays for flute, carillon, adagio for orchestra, tango for chamber orchestra, etc.

In her choral compositions A. Rostovskaya aspires to the unification of genres, and to the theatricality. One of the first teams which started to perform her compositions was Children's Choir Studio "Iskra" (artistic director is Honored Worker of Culture of Russian Federation, winner of the St. Petersburg Government Prize “The Best Teacher of Higher Education of St. Petersburg State University” V. Komarov). Because of children's choir Studio “Iskra" compositions for children - “Three choirs for folk texts”, “A song about a snake”, “A woodpecker was sitting on a tree”, “The Fish”, “The Sea”, fragments of a cycle based on Taisia Leushinskaya verses and others have sounded at various concert venues of the city. The laureate of international competitions, the female chamber choir “Quellen” became the winner in the competition of the festival of modern Orthodox spiritual song “Nevskiye Kupola” with the latest cycle.
A.Rostovskaya’s music is recommended for performance by the All-Russian Choral Society and many of her works were published on the initiative of this society. Her songs are performed not only at concerts, but also at festivals, contests, master classes. Teams all over Russia win various contests with her songs.

Artists take great pleasure to perform her compositions, knowing her melodic talent and level of musical culture. Her enthusiasm and creativity burning are appreciated by modern performers: her compositions are performed by various groups, winning musical competitions. Her music is regularly sounded on the radio stations "Petersburg", "Radio Russia", "Radio Maria", and others. By the order of TV channel Petersburg, A. Rostovskaya wrote over 40 jingles.

A.Rostovskaya’s compositions are performed at various concert venues of St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, as well as in Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, the United States of America, India and other countries.

The publishing house “Composer – Saint-Petersburg” publishes author collections by A. Rostovskaya “Funny Conversation” (editor - A. G. Schnitke), “The Village was driving...”, and also prints individual works of the author. Work is in progress now on the publication of the compilation and CD "Carols-riddles", an essay for a mixed choir or ensemble and piano. In 2015, the book by K. Vaganova "Composers of Present and Future" was published and A. Rostovskaya was among the represented composers.

A. Rostovskaya continues her creative growth by taking part and winning various contests, such as the All-Russian Musical Contest of soundtracks for the animation video “Music and Video Animation”, the All-Union Competition of Composers “Choral Laboratory. XXI Century".

In 2017, the National Award "Onegin" was presented at the Alexandrinsky Theater, and jingles sounded before each  nomination were composed by A. Rostovskaya. Director Alyona Minina, the "Northern Symphony" orchestra conducted by the artistic director of the St. Petersburg State Theater Music Hall, the main conductor of two of his orchestras: the Symphony Orchestra and "Northern Sinfonietta" Chamber Orchestra conducted by Fabio Mastrangelo.
A. Rostovskaya leads an active social life. Proof of this are thanks for cooperation from the State Academic Russian Orchestra named after V. V. Andreev; a gratitude signed by the Chairman of the Council of the Union of Composers of Russia, People's Artist of Russia A.L.Rybnikov for significant contribution to the development of modern domestic choral art, creative search, initiative, professionalism and bright creative achievements; from the charitable foundation for the support of musical art "The Elena Obraztsova Foundation" (Moscow) and the Elena Obraztsova Cultural Center (St. Petersburg) for holding an open master class and the concert "Vocal music by contemporary composers" at the E. Obraztsova Cultural Center; from the international charitable foundation of Vladimir Spivakov for faithful service to the noble ideals of art, etc.

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